SHED is a campaign movement to end poverty working towards empowering the poor through holistic change.


Microfinance is synonymous to poverty eradication. The biggest contribution of microfinance thus far is providing the poor access to credit, but to realize the dream of a world free from poverty, microfinance alone is not enough…

Our vision:

A world where individuals and communities are free from all forms of poverty.

Our mission:

To help eradicate poverty by delivering programs, products and services that empower, develop and transform individuals and communities.

img1Economic Empowerment

SHED’s business platform is microfinance or lending micro-loans for the poor to start or expand livelihood and provision of savings services to build up their wealth.


shanty2Social Empowerment

The poor will remain poor for as long as they live in shanties. SHED empowers by providing socialized micro-loans for housing that include micro-insurance.


img3Human Empowerment

Central to SHED’s empowerment initiative is to raise the dignity of the poor from begging to sharing a transformed life in entrepreneurship and micro-investing.