The most reasonable California auto insurance quotes

reasonable California auto insurance quotesDiscounts are a good thing all the time but particularly when it comes to California auto insurance quotes from When it comes time to choose the most cost-effective plan, the only way to do that is to compare several carriers and determine their pricing and discount structure.

Safe drivers are rewarded by lower rates on their policies. It’s incentive to keep a clean driving record with no moving violations and to take care on the road to avoid accidents.  But there are other discounts, as well.

Safety features mean lower auto insurance rates

Thinking about safety when you buy a new car is smart, because cars with passive restraints and multiple safety features cost less to cover. Be sure to also specify an anti-theft device and daytime running lights.

Got more than one car?  Covering them all under one carrier is going to save you money. The same is true if you bundle all of your different kinds of coverage under a single company.

If you or someone in your family is in the active military, will provide them a discount on their premium. This is a benefit that military families can appreciate, too.  But even if you are not in the military, you will likely be able to find a discount or two that fits.

If you or someone on your policy age 25 or younger is a student who gets good grades, you will want to look into the good student discounts offered by some companies. After all, you have done the hard work. Why not let it mean something?

Defensive driving course help lower auto insurance rates

Almost anyone who takes a defensive driving course can find a carrier that will discount their premium for deciding to bone up on skills and lower their risk on the road. But when it comes to teenaged drivers and senior citizens, it becomes even more vital. Because they represent more risk on the road, their premiums are higher and a discount really means something important. There are even special courses aimed at their specific needs.

Some companies offer discounts to members of certain affinity groups. You might qualify simply by belonging to an organization or working for certain companies. It is worth checking out.

If you’ve stayed with a company a long time you may get a loyalty bonus and if you sign on with a new carrier, they may reward you as a new customer. There really is a discount for just about everyone.

Easy North Carolina auto insurance quotes

North Carolina auto insurance quotesThe vast array of options available to you when you are looking for North Carolina auto insurance quotes is at your fingertips with our online comparison tool. Forget spending hours surfing the web and making phone calls. Compare policies, plans and discounts in just a few clicks at

Plans differ in all sorts of ways, including cost, although many consumers believe that all companies price identically.  Sometimes, the differences are quite broad, so choosing between three or four options will give you a good overview of what is available.

There are, though, some factors you need to consider.

Teen auto insurance discounts

If a teen driver gets behind the wheel of your car it may be the riskiest thing you’ll face. That’s why that age group is so expensive to cover. Still, you can cut costs in a few ways. Make sure your teen takes an approved driver course and most companies will discount the premium.   Also, if your teen is a good student, check into the good student discount.

It may be tempting to slide through that red light, but is it worth it? A driver’s license with no moving violations at all is worth money on your premium. Insurers avoid high risk drivers if they can, and a clean license proves you are worth having as a customer.

One way to prove you are a safe driver is to take a defensive driving course. Insurers love to reward drivers with lower premiums if they take this kind of refresher course.

You may not realize that rates for married drivers are lower than those for single people. It’s not a reason to get married, but it’s a reminder to update your policy when you change your marital status.

If your child is going off to college but leaving the car at least 100 miles behind, you’ll be able to save some money on your policy. But either way, you will need to update your coverage to reflect the new situation.

Anti-theft & auto insurance discounts

If you live in an area with high risk for theft, it’s important to install anti-theft devices on all your vehicles. You’ll see a reduction in your rate.  Safety options are popular among insurers, so be sure to load up on them if you can afford it.

Comparisons of these factors is quick and easy with our online tools, making sure you pay only what you have to for coverage.

Best Arizona auto insurance quotes

Best Arizona auto insurance quotesThere’s nothing more difficult than trying to do something you find time-consuming and tedious, like finding the right Arizona auto insurance quotes. If that describe you, is the right place. We make looking at all your options a far simpler process than going it alone—and as a result of that comparison, you can end up with far more reasonable coverage than you anticipated.

Comparing plans from three or four different carriers makes good sense. You will find variation in cost structure—sometimes that will be large variation. So if you only look at one carrier you might end up paying far more than you have to for the same coverage. We know you don’t want to do that.

Auto insurance extras

There is basic coverage, mandated by law and sometimes by the holder of your auto loan. But then there are extras that may or may not be worth it. Some are and some aren’t.  You’ll definitely pay more for them, but depending on your situation, it may be a good idea. Having a point of comparison can be helpful.

Here are some of the extras from you might want to consider.

Up to 25 percent of drivers do not carry insurance at all, so uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is very helpful. It’s something that helps safeguard you if a driver hits you but has no coverage, this can ease recovery of expenses.

Rental car coverage is also one of those things that will be handy if you lose the use of your vehicle during repairs, but still need to get to work, take children to school and do other routine daily drives. There is normally a cap on the length of time and dollar amount. If a car is critical to your daily life, look at this extra.

Little-known car insurance options

Roadside assistance can help with towing, lockouts and dead batteries. Compare the cost against that of other services to see if it’s something you want.

Full glass coverage makes certain that your windshield is covered if a break should occur. If you do a lot of highway driving, it might be worthwhile.  Medical payments coverage will guarantee your medical expenses are covered if you are in an accident.

Extended warranty protection is little-known but can be useful.

If you have an accident that is your fault, your rates could go up as much as 40 percent. Consider accident forgiveness coverage. in which a carrier will not raise your rate after the first accident in which you are at fault.

Dogs and home insurance issues

Michigan home insurance quotesMichigan pet owners love their dogs, don’t they?  We make them part of our family, we treat them like children and they are beloved to us. But what most people don’t know is that dog ownership is something to be considered when seeking Michigan home insurance quotes at  That’s because some breeds have a significant impact on premiums, making rates a bit higher or coverage for liability harder to obtain.

How is that?  To understand the situation we should begin with the concept of risk. That’s how policies are priced—based on the risk of a claim being filed. It turns out that owners of some breeds of dogs tend to file more dog bite claims than others. That makes those breeds a higher statistical risk, according to actuarial tables that companies use to help price premiums.

A higher risk means a higher premium, or, in some cases, no coverage for dog bites at all.  Do you have one of these dogs?

Presa Canario

Pit Bull

Great Dane



German Shepherd




Wolf-hybrids are also a higher risk than domestic dogs. And depending on the company, other dogs may be on this unofficial list of most risky dog breeds.

Now, you might think you’re okay if you have a mixed breed, but that’s not entirely true. If your dog has any of these breeds in its mix, you may still have issues with your coverage.

That doesn’t mean the industry is biased against certain breeds. It’s all based on statistics and number of claims filed. These are business decisions made without judgment at all.  Some companies won’t insure dog bites at all for certain breeds, while others will charge a higher premium. It is up to the individual company to determine how they will handle that risk.

If you ask an insurer for a list of these dogs, they may not have one. That is because it is not an “official” list at all. But it’s still a list that insurers keep in mind.

Some companies such as will cut you a break in pricing if you take your dog to training or muzzle him or her when they are around people. It is up to the individual company to decide how they want to work with their customers. But this is something that you should handle at the front end and not after a bite occurs.