Dogs and home insurance issues

Michigan home insurance quotesMichigan pet owners love their dogs, don’t they?  We make them part of our family, we treat them like children and they are beloved to us. But what most people don’t know is that dog ownership is something to be considered when seeking Michigan home insurance quotes.  That’s because some breeds have a significant impact on premiums, making rates a bit higher or coverage for liability harder to obtain.

How is that?  To understand the situation we should begin with the concept of risk. That’s how policies are priced—based on the risk of a claim being filed. It turns out that owners of some breeds of dogs tend to file more dog bite claims than others. That makes those breeds a higher statistical risk, according to actuarial tables that companies use to help price premiums.

A higher risk means a higher premium, or, in some cases, no coverage for dog bites at all.  Do you have one of these dogs?

Presa Canario

Pit Bull

Great Dane



German Shepherd




Wolf-hybrids are also a higher risk than domestic dogs. And depending on the company, other dogs may be on this unofficial list of most risky dog breeds.

Now, you might think you’re okay if you have a mixed breed, but that’s not entirely true. If your dog has any of these breeds in its mix, you may still have issues with your coverage.

That doesn’t mean the industry is biased against certain breeds. It’s all based on statistics and number of claims filed. These are business decisions made without judgment at all.  Some companies won’t insure dog bites at all for certain breeds, while others will charge a higher premium. It is up to the individual company to determine how they will handle that risk.

If you ask an insurer for a list of these dogs, they may not have one. That is because it is not an “official” list at all. But it’s still a list that insurers keep in mind.

Some companies will cut you a break in pricing if you take your dog to training or muzzle him or her when they are around people. It is up to the individual company to decide how they want to work with their customers. But this is something that you should handle at the front end and not after a bite occurs.